Penta Automazioni SRL created the "Penta Care" line to better serve our communities.

R & D
Advanced technology
Ongoing support

Every product is developed by our R & D department down to the smallest detail to offer our customers the best possible experience.

We develop and test the most innovative technologies and we use them in our products.

We offer our customers support to choose the right product to fit their needs.

Our company, a global leader in designing and building the most innovative automation equipment, has more than 20 years of experience and is located in one of the most important industrial area in northern Italy.

In the collective effort to contrast the pandemic, our company set out to develop, test and build a machine to fast and safely disinfect hands of persons in all public areas.

From this concept, the “Penta Care” trademark is born to provide a line of professional devices to counter the spread and trasmission of diseas.

Our solutions allow our customers to reach the highest possible hygienic level in the workplaces and all public areas and spaces.

Penta Automazioni SRL
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