Automatic activation with precise infrared sensors.

The full stainless steel case always ensures clean and hygienic operations.

Sani Hands delivers a uniform layer of solution on both hands and with precise dosage.

hands sanitizer dispenser automatico disinfettante mani

Always shows the status of the machine.

Hygieni dispensing chamber with large opening for both hands.

No more dirt on the floor!
The excess is deposited inside the collection container.

Up to

operations with a single refill

Common features to all the Sani Hands models.

On top of all the functions listed above, all the versions are integrated with:

Tank level display

The display shows the remaining quantity of disinfectant in the tank. So the operator will be able to read in realtime the level inside the tank as soon as the refill door is open.


Sani Hands will execute self-priming cycles at the required intervals, stirring the disinfectant in the tank at the same time. Doing so it will ensure it will be always ready for use.


In order to preserve the components and reach the required energy efficiency, Sani Hands has a built-in programmable timer to setup the working hours. On stand-by the power consumption is very low.


No internal access to the tank loading personnel. Refill door is equipped with lock for closing.

Sani Hands models